Friday, December 8, 2017


Yes, that is snow in Cajun Country!

This is what we look like this morning at 6:30 AM.

Ohhhh!  Sorry.  That is the mendenhall glacier in is hard to tell us apart.

Here is Baton Rouge Sneaux!

As it is getting lighter the flakes are getting larger.  They are predicting abour 4 inches this morning.

Of course, the entire city shuts down.  Yesterday they cancelled school and government offices at the suggestion we would have snow.

The last time they thought we would have snow was last year when I was living in the Camper From Hell.

 The last time we actually had snow was 2008 when we had 4.5 inches.  It was Christmas Eve.

We had gone to Carrie's for present opening and were walking the dogs around the block.  I had my two beautiful Swissys, Bonnie Doon and Dutch, and Chloe.

Dutch was not impressed with the snow, even though he came from a long line of alpine dogs who were bred to herd and draft in the Alps with the nomadic shepherds.

Bonnie Doon on the other hand, loved to be cold.  She is buried n the far corner of my back yard, and loving the snow.  My most favorite picture of Bonnie Doon is of her standing back there while the snow is all over her strong black back.

MGee seems totally unimpressed with the weather, which he considers to be an extension of rain.  He doesn't get his feet wet.  DiNozzo went out, slipped on the icy stepping stones, and sniffed the white stuff. 


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