Thursday, December 7, 2017

Deep South SNOW?

On a roll after the Sawyer Bird, I thought I would make a DiNozzo Bird.   DiNozzo is basically brown with white points.  That means he has white feets.  This bird has white dots.

I searched for a set of McGee fabrics.  But I wasn't happy with whatever I was coming up with. 

DiNozzo is a basset hound, so this bird has really short legs.  Here he is next to Long Tall Sally.

I decided to make a second bird because I didn't know that I would have time to do one today.  This
baby was green.  I don't know what he was patterned after, I just liked the scrap of batik leaves I found in the scrap bin.

See his knobby knees!  And he is a left facing bird.....wait, right facing bird.  LOL.

You have no idea how difficult it is to do something sdrawkcab.   That is backwards if you hadn't figured that out.

So I guess he is a Drawkcab Bird......

In my bag from the Modern Guild Show And Tell Lotto winnings there was this tiny stack of fabrics.  See the name on the package?

I spent a bit of time last night making half square triangles for the blank areas in the bird blocks.

I have to show you that photo tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it is going to snow tomorrow.  Here.  In Baton Rouge.  Last snowfall was 4.5 inches in 2008.  The whole city is shut down and we are acting like this is the end of the world.

And I hit upon something for my doorway piece.  Remember that for tomorrow.


  1. I love your birds! Each one has a story. We had a bit of snow yesterday, but it only stuck to the grass. I have a brother in Texas and a sister in Georgia. They get a kick out of people who have always lived in the south and get freaked out when it snows. I have driven in some bad weather and I don't like it at all especially when it is icy! Ice is a completely different animal to deal with! Stay warm and make birds!

  2. Oh Glen, you are so funny! I love all your birds, but I love the term sdrawkcab the best. You can be sure I'll use that in my classes in the future! As for the snow, we are expecting 3 - 6 inches here in New Hampshire, but that's no big deal for us. I plan to get my groceries and errands done before the snow starts and then I will spend the weekend in the studio sewing.

  3. School was closed for a snow day in St Landry parish. My truck is covered. Thinking about going make a snowman on it. Love the birds.


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