Monday, December 11, 2017

The Daily Bird - Catch-Up Birds

Lynne can sleep at night again, I have caught up with my birds.

 Yesterday we went to the Houmas House Plantation for their Holiday Brass concert of Christmas Carols.  The grounds are so beautiful, if you come see me we can all go and walk in the gardens and tour the house.

Right now it is all decorated for Christmas, as you would expect.

This is Maggie, the Plantation Dog.  At one point during the concert Maggie jumped on stage with the orchestra and they all freaked out.  It was very amusing!

Here they are in a non-dog moment.  

I liked this shadow on the brick wall.  The ghost harpist was playing that night!

We went with Carrie and Andrew, who at the last minute, wisely left the baby at home.

We followed the concert with dinner at Little Village, a beautiful restaurant along the highway.  

There was also a Cotillion there that night.  A friend adopted two beautiful Asian girls (they get photos at Santa CAAWS every year since they became a family) who were in the soiree.

Since it was a Christmas event, I made a Christmas Bird before I left.  ( I was actually waiting for Frank to finish getting beautiful.) He is aptly named Noel and is larger than most of the other birds.  I guess he wanted to stand out and above everyone!

And tonight, since I was faced with making TWO more bird, this guy was hatched.
Ah, drudgery.  Lynne is a veritable slave driver.  I still needed another bird.

So this guy flew in to join the party.  


 And in case you thought I was trying to fool you by showing you the same bird.

Twins.  Experienced in carpentry, you can see they sport a wood grain chest. 

Here is everybody hanging out on the design wall.  They are sharing it with the green quilt, that is slowly getting squared up and sewn into sections.

And the poor birds would have more space to spread their wings if I would just clean off that side of the design wall............

OMG!  I just counted 10...........well you know what I'll be doing tomorrow.


  1. I don't know what your project with Lynne is but I can't wait to see it when you finish.

  2. I can't wait to visit with you and your birds after Christmas.

  3. ROFLMAO!!!! Oh yeah, right. I'm the slave driver! Too funny by half. I keep telling everybody the birds are addictive as hell, but nobody really believes me until they start making them. YUP! They really are fun to do. I think what makes them so is that each bird is unique and has its own personality and story. Yours are terrific. Thanks for the shout out. I notice you made a right facing bird a pair of twins! Go you!

    (Millie is the cat)

  4. Your Christmas birds is fabulous as the twins are too! Looks like the snow is gone. We are getting snow today which is not a shock since it is the middle of December in northeast Ohio! LOL!!!!

  5. I knew you could make birds facing the other way!
    Love birds kissing next please. I'm not getting much action these days so I would enjoy a good bird make out session. Lol!

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