Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Please Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.....

....cause that's where the Huskies go!  LOL  McGee has found the joy of yellow snow.

We had snow again last night.  Started out with a light misty rain, then the sleet came.  When the streets were wet enough the temperatures cooperated and plunged to the upper teens.  Then the snow mixed in with the sleet and we had intermittent floating bits of snow and the heavier sleet particles.

This morning we woke to a white blanket of what is more like ice crystals than the fluffy snow of the last snowfall.  I guess people who live in snowy places have names for all the types of snow.  We just are amazed at snow...period!

Keep in mind, we are in South Louisiana!

And all on my BIRTHDAY!  I had big plans for the day, most of which is up in the air as to whether it will happen. 

Frank revealed the final gift of the Birthday Week Celebration.

Cheetos! Literally, my favorite food! 
I shall partake later today.

And of course with the snow and interstate shutdowns, the city has cancelled the huge celebration and parades they were going to hold for my birthday. 

I did play with the scraps in the bag Judy gave me.  I am going to have to come up with a name, or even a nickname for them.

I added leftover solids from Sawyer's quilt so the color distribution will be a bit wider.  However I do not have the yellows from that top right block.  I might have to dig a bit further in my stash to grab some of those sunny colors.  But I think I will wait to see how the other blocks play together to see if I want to dump it, make more or use it as a focus block somewhere in the quilt.

I am glad that you want a turquoise added in the La Virgencita.  She has a turquoise blue dress that I toyed with pulling out.  But the colors looked so warm I decided not to throw a cool blast in there.  I will do that today and retake the photo. 

At night I am sleeping under an additional quilt.  The colorful one is from my mates of SSOBB during the flood.  It was quilted by Valerie Purple Boots in Nova Scotia.  And the leaf quilt is appropriately named The Forest of Frozen Sorrows.

I had it packed to finish it at a February Retreat a few years ago when the temps dropped so low that the pipes at the Retreat House broke and flooded the place.  We had to cancel the Retreat of course.

Hence Frozen Sorrows.  It is one of my visual favorites. 


  1. Happy Birthday--sorry about the 'parade' being cancelled---
    you will just have to go fabric shopping when the roads clear to replace the parade!!

  2. On the reports from the ski areas when we get that crystalline snow they call it "granulated powder" most of us just call it crap.

    What more does a girl need on her birthday - cheetos and a snow sew day - grand perfection!


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