Saturday, January 27, 2018

Print to Fabric Class

Took a class at the Livingston Arts Council today and had a great time learning with 11 other ladies.  I miss having classes with Michael, he was always one of the few guys in quilting and fiber art, so he was a well known figure.  He moved to San Antonio to be near his son after Judy died.  I think a lot of people miss him.

But I digress.

The class was taught by Judy Momenzadeh who has been in a number of the Fiber Art magazines and has recently won a nice ribbon in Houston last November.  She is very creative, very inventive and very willing to try anything!

She went over the techniques she used to create her pieces and had a nice selection of things to show us from her collection.  She even sold a piece in the class!

We worked in Photoshop and a few other programs that are either add ons or separate ones.

She also had some things like digital grounds and fabric treatments that enhance the printing process.

After lunch she had prepared two photos from us; one on fabric and one on watercolor paper.  We used Inktense Pencils and Neocolors Wax Crayons to "paint" the pictures.

Of  course I left both of mine at the Art Council......geez.  But I had this extra one somehow.  So when I got home, I showed Frank how to use the NeoColors.  He has done some watercolor in the way way past and likes it.  He was amazed at how they looked  on the watercolor paper.  He liked it!

Here is the pic we worked on together tonight.  Just using all the crayons in the pack!


  1. Interesting. I've done something similar - adding color to fabric with pens and paint - but it was a while ago. I've forgotten most of it. Must get the stuff out and try again.

  2. If Frank was coloring does that mean he was feeling better? Are you both over the non-flu?

  3. I am so impressed with Frank for getting his creative groove on. Go frank! The class sounds fantastic. What us digital grounds and what does she use to enhance the printing
    ? I on fabric. Does she use something to stiffen it to run it thru the printer? So many possibilities


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