Monday, January 29, 2018

I promise I won't ever buy fabric again.....

 Another dead person story for you.

A lady in one of the small guilds I  am in died.  Her husband does not quilt and wants to move to a smaller house.  All boys, no girl children in the family.

So he calls up the guild and says come get all this fabric!

So tonight the guild unloaded about 2/3 of what they had taken from his house.  It filled two SUV backs and back seats.   I bought home a whole front seat full of fabric.  Like I needed more.

She was an older more traditional person.  So the fabrics are not really modern or contemporary but they will be fabulous for backings.  She had groups of  blocks already together probably UFOs, did a lot of embroidery and had about 20 or so quilts already cut out.

The guild asked that we make a number of these for their charity choice of the Veteran's Home in Jackson LA.

So there all 15 of us, pawing through boxes and boxes of this lady's fabric, thinking when I die someone will be doing this with MY fabric.......and probably will find some of this fabric in there too.

So I guess I will have to do some Charity Quilts for the Vets.

And find a place for all this fabric................


  1. It's ALL GOOD !! Enjoy it, heck, roll around in it !

  2. SO sorry to hear about a member of your quilt group passing. Turing her stash into charity quilts will be wonderful. I think about this all the time - leaving my stuff for my son to deal with. When my Mom died I got her stash, but she had been using what she had for years knowing the end was right around the corner. I finished up most of her UFOs and orphan blocks. I still have a small bit of her fabric left. I now need to get crackin' on my stash.

  3. My mother in law had a stash and her friend and we donated lots of it to the middle school for family and consumer science classes. Many kids can't afford or have someone who knows about fabric, this takes some of the pressure off of parents who don't know these things. Also art classes do fabric painting, some can go there. And yes, don't we all succumb to having a piece of our friend's stash. Memories.

  4. I don't know how much fabric I have, but when I go someone will get a bunch. I think I'll tell my kids to find poor people who like to quilt and give it to them. I have bundles with fabrics and patterns purchased to make from them. I have coordinating fabrics with no plan and then just stuff. It will be a big clearance, but some one will want it.

  5. I need to begin paring down some of the fabric that I don't like or want. Our daughters-in-law would prefer to throw it out than make decisions about how to save it.

  6. The one who dies with the most fabric wins. And donation quilts from some of that fabric is a fantastic idea.nursing homes are a good place to give. Or hospice care centers. Pillowcases to those places?

  7. I'm sorry to hear your friend passed away. Way too much fabric for me but I am glad you have some to remember her by. I like the ideas above about donating to schools for consumer science.


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