Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Top Secret Doings

Yesterday I had Sawyer at the house.  I had a clear day and picked him up from school.  He is cutting some teeth and was having a hard time, so I got him one of those freezer teething rings.  He was funny, with his pink teether hanging out of this mouth as he scooted around my living room. 

With no rug in there, I can move the chairs back and create a huge area for him to crawl or use his walker.  Man, he is fast fast fast in that walker now!  I guess it is a really a RUNNER.

I pulled him in his wagon down to the end of the block and back.  Having the wagon is a special thing for us.  We took Carrie everywhere in her wagon and now we have her son to take places.   

Sometimes, only a grandma can make you feel better!

Today I made my block for the Cotton Robin and the Modern Robin.  I made similar blocks because i love seeing how different people interpret them.  If you want to get into the Cotton Robin, you can probably still talk to Julie.  When she gets all the blocks together, she will post them on the blog site at: 

The Cotton Robin

I can't show them to you.......they  are top secret!

Here is one I finished  up last year.

This was mine from last year.

When Julie was collecting the blocks last January, I told her I didn't have a quilt room any more.  She said, not a problem - got it covered.

She made the center block, with the house high on a ridge so the flood waters can't get to it!


  1. Enjoy Sawyer as much as you can because in the blink of an eye he will be walking and too big for the wagon.

  2. We used a wagon for both grands...they loved it. And even when they were in their early teens we still drug that wagon to the 4H fair every year! It held our food stuff, blanket and was a good seat for this grandma when kids were on the rides! HA


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