Sunday, February 25, 2018

Not A Single Stitch Taken

Nope, not one.  I worked all weekend on the other half of my life.

On Saturday Frank and I built two large planters for the front of the CAAWS building.   We used fencing boards for the entire project.  Each one held two long planter boxes.  I added liraope from the back yard as the greenery.  Hardy, temperature tolerant and drought tolerant.  Perfect for the place where no one wants to care for them.

 Later, we had dinner with friends at a really great pizza joint on Jefferson Hwy and yes, I had beer with that pizza.

I added a new flag to the front of the house.  It says Home is where your bone is buried!

Repotted some porthos plants

Repotted all four of my palm trees that were so damaged from the flood waters that we thought they were all dead.

An bought some plastic succulents since I don't seem to want to remember to water any ferns I put in the pecky cypress containers.   And they all seem to die from neglect.

On the way home, I invented a new way to decorate your car.   Vent Buds.  I think it is my next million dollar idea.

 Here is where they actually ended up.  On my back patio fence.

DiNozzo helped.  
McGee spent some time scenting for squirrels and stretching himself. 


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