Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Badass Day

Dirt was finally delivered Tuesday.  I had to go over and kick some plant guy's butt.

Not so badass are the flowering weeds growing at my fenceline.

When the house was demolished after the flood, somehow ALL of my clothing was taken out and tossed on that big pile in the front yard.  Remember that?  But ALL of Frank's was saved.  Remember that?

And last summer we were in the Camper so there was no space to have clothes anyway.  I had two pairs of shorts, one on and one dirty!  Since we are going on a cruise I need to start collecting some cruise clothes. 

So yesterday I went to my favorite store, The Purple Cow, and bought 2 pairs of shorts and 4 tops to go with them, 3 puppy/kitten books for  CAAWS Humane Education and a sheet to cover my herbs for when it freezes.  Cost was 20% off because it was Senior Citizens Day.  Now, that ain't so badass, I realize that, but my whole cost was $24.82.  I kicked some Purple Cow butt.  THAT is badass!

Then as I drove away, I remembered we are going to Iceland.......where shorts would do me no good. 

My lettuce is missing.

I know who did it.  See that nose in the picture?  White.  All  white. 

If you looked closely, there is salad in the teeth.

I need to kick some white dog's butt.

Here he is immediately regretting his decisions.

I am so badass...... now if he just remembers that. 

I came across this show this afternoon........

It must have been made about me!  LOL.


  1. He just a a queasy tummy - no need for butt kickin' you badass momma. I think you and I could have a great time shopping. My girls laugh because I am proud of buying a $150 dollar dress for one of them for $10 and for waiting until a sale day to buy clothes for myself so I get at least 60% off retail.

  2. You crack.me up! I'm surprised a dog would eat lettuce. But then they eat grass - not that far off. Your lower tiers might end up being for the bassets.

  3. Plant a Mosiquito plant. Lucy smells it and goes somewhere else. The neighbor's cats don't go in The big pot with it no matter how much empty space it pot.

  4. This post was too funny! I handed someone my business card and he asked what the M.B.A. after my name stood for. I said "Major Bad Ass". He laughed. Iceland - shorts - ha, ha, ha, ha!

  5. Hysterical! Shorts in Iceland would turn a few heads, I think.

  6. Yep, you are my 'bad ass' hero!


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