Thursday, March 15, 2018

Herb Garden Revisted

I thought for sure I would be able to get to do some quilt related things but I am thinking it might have to wait till the later. There is a quilt I wanted to start, one I wanted to finish and one I wanted to work on the middle of.

I got a great suggestion from Patty the Quilt Lady  when she said Chalk.  I headed to the hardware store and got chalkboard paint (not chalk paint, there is a BIG difference).    The can of spray paint was cheaper than the can of brush on.  After I got it all home, Carrie told me I might be sorry because her friend told her it took like 20 coats of paint to be able to write on it.  geez.

I wanted it to look cute so I made a a template.  Here's how.

Cardboard!I cut out a window.  But who wants a plain square?

No me!

 So I used the corners of the waste to add back into the opening.

 Make it easy right, like my daddy always said, you won't see that in the end product if you use enough tape!

 Ihad to recruit Frank to spray the can for me.  Muscles, you know.  I couldn't hold the cardboard and do the can at the same time. 

And he is a spare with spray paint as he is with a dime.

 I was concerned about being able to write on the fancy chalkboard spot, remembering what Carrie said abot all those coats.  This is only one "Frank" coat.

And all I had was dressmakers chalk, not sidewalk chalk.

It seemed to work though.

 I tried to make it look like it was as random as the rest of the whole project is, here and there.  In the end, it will all taste the same!

Thanks for the great suggestion, Patty!


  1. Your welcome! Next time you are out and about you will have to get a box of school chalk. I will be interested in how the paint and chalk hold up. It seems it would be easy to redo if it wears away. No gardening in Ohio! It is freakin' cold!

  2. Now all you need is a clear screen cover to keep out squirrels and dogs!

  3. Glass houses to the lady who says her husband is spare with paint. You even said you bought the spay on because it was cheaper than the brush on. :ots of comic relief in this post.

  4. Frank didn't spray your hand while holding the cardboard? Seasoned professional I guess. I'll be interested to see what rain does to it. Good idea


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