Friday, March 9, 2018

Looking at the Layers

Here is the post showing the whole piece.

I really should have shown you the layers of the Color Block piece.

You know, I really didn't know how difficult it was to show depth on a black piece that absorbed all light.  Ya know.  

I am going to link up with Off the Wall Friday and Nina Marie!  Who  is also doing color on black.  Great minds!

 This does a little bit better.    Carrie sent me a YouTube of a building painted with black light absorbing paint and set with lights to look like the universe.  AMAZING

I really need a great name for it.  This will be a piece that will go into the next show, so it needs a really great name.

Each of the color blocks are individual little quilts.

They each are hand sewn on to the back piece which is quilted and bound.  Well, sewn and turned.

Frank and I went downtown to the Mississippi River Levee this morning and took some pictures of the high water.  It was a glorious day.

They are opening the Bonnet Carre Spillway again.  We hope to go down there Thursday and get some photos of the waters gong through the structure.  And I will have to dig up some of my  photos if I still have them from the last opening.  Not sure what year that was.  It was before our flood, so I am guessing 2011 maybe.

I need to pull together some off my low water photos and do comparison photos and show you how amazing that part of Baton Rouge is.  On the way we stopped at Coffee Call for beignets (click there to get a recipe) and chicory laden coffee with evaporated milk.  You can't get any better than that, or any more New Orleans than that.

Of course I shot a picture to Carol right off to ask if her beignets turned out anything like that. 


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