Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Color Blocks for Stitch, Sew, Snap, Share #21

So this is what I am working on this week.  The people over at Stitch Sew Snap Share #21 are all over this stuff so go check them out, right?

And a caveat here, I really should be working on the chair I bought for $5 to make for the Habitat Art Auction on the 15th of March, don't ya think?

Judy gave me a random bag  of solid pieces cut into random shapes.  She was taking a class and decided she really didn't like the style or colors so they just sat in the bag for years and years.

And then she thought of me!

So she gifted me with the bag at a Christmas luncheon this year.  I was ecstatic!  Of course.  One woman's trash is another woman's treasure for sure!

So I couldn't wait to dig into this bag of deliciousness.  Fully my intention was to make the quilt that was on the print out.  But as it evolved I really saw an entry into one of the upcoming shows this year.

Not sure what the title is just yet, but it looks like a journey somewhere, doesn't it?

Yesterday I finished the binding on the on the black as coal base.  The free standing color blocks are individual quilts themselves.  They will be attached to the black base and have the effect of an additional layer upon the original black layer.

It will be interesting to see the texture of this piece as it is finished.

It will be interesting to finish this piece.  It seems like I have made a million little quilts......just sayin'


Today I finished up all the hand sewing and got all the million little quilts attached to the beautiful black background.

See that sphere?  My favorite part!


  1. What a cool piece! I bet it looks even better in person!

  2. Oh yeah! One of your best. Nicely done. It all just works

  3. This is really cool!!! Love the colors! Reminds me of Marianne's 'quilt as you go' blocks (The Quilting Edge)! Nice

  4. I love playing with random solid color strings - that's how Groundhog Day evolved. LOVE the blocks you've pieced!!

  5. Hmm... I'm not sure that I've seen this technique before. I'll be interested to see the completed quilt. LOVE that sphere, too!!

  6. Your colour blocks are great! I love your'all solids'look, and it's so true re trash & treasure. Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'.


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