Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Year Ago Today

Thought you might find this interesting.

A year ago today.  Or this week, there abouts.

We were just beginning to move things into the house.

Paula and Glen helped set up the long arm in what used to be my antique filled dining room.   The long arm was moved from my house to stay at Paula's house while we rebuilt from the flood. 

We were also waiting for the chairs to arrive from LaZBoy so we wouldn't have to sit in the folding chairs anymore to watch TV that was sitting on the fireplace hearth. 

And this week now, the Camper From Hell was pulling out of the driveway!

Frank talked to Kenny G today in fact.  I don't know if they said anything about what we were doing a year ago.  Probably not.  It might just be my thing to know.

We had lived in it since August.  Seven months that seemed like an eternity.

The house was not near finished, but we were living in it.   We would continue to work on the house for the next 9 months.


  1. You and Frank have come a long way in the last year. It has to feel good to have the house back together and get back to normal!

  2. I remember how difficult the rebuilding times were. I worried some days that you were given too much for that particular day, but you shone through each day and throughout that very rough time. I am so excited now to see your creativity coming into full bloom again. The Camper from Hell/necessity is gone and your house has again become your home. You found out so much about your friends and family. People probably say things like they could do it because they have money or other things to excuse where they are. I think you did it because you have strength of character and were willing to live in the camper. You have friends and family that helped you out by adding spice to your life, and warmth to your bed and your heart. People who took your stuff and did their best to make it safe and or usable again. All of this happened not because of money but because of your true wealth - love.


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