Sunday, April 22, 2018


Of course I decided to take the longest most difficult route to get the Asterisk quilt to completion as a top.  Of course.

But I like it.  It looks way different than the idea that started in my mind in January 2016  when took on the Rainbow Color Challenge that year.

I hit all the colors each month as she called them out, until August.  That was the month the flood hit.  So all colors stopped there.

When I picked up the challenge to finish a UFO for May in my River City Guild I chose  Asterisk.  The challenge only requires it to be finished to the top stage, but i am going to try to actually finish it. 

Maybe.  We shall see.  I feel particularly overwhelmed at the moment right now.

 I have the Girl baby quilt to put together for Carrie to gift to her friend. 

That top row is together so that is how wide it will be a lap size.

And Pinkie.  All Pinkie.  All over.

I like it.

I put the Green Boy Quilt on the Long Arm this afternoon and quilted the first pass.  I was going to quilt it with long straight lines down the quilt.

Best laid plans, and all.  I loaded it sideways. 

Why did I do that????????

So the straight lines would have gone across the quilt rather than down the quilt. 

I didn't want that.  So I went to Plan B.  We always have to have a Plan B, right? 

I had watched Angela Walters in a video doing some swirl quilting and decided that would be my Plan B. 

Not perfect, but all free hand.  This is the first pass. 

I am sure tomorrow by the time I get to the bottom of the quilt I will have mastered how to get around the swirls and how to echo myself out of all the spots I get myself into. 

Feels good.  Machine is cooperating.  Looks good.  All is well.

I am sure something will explode soon.


  1. The asterisk is to perfection.....the sashing around each gives this quilt top an *+.

  2. Love the sashing for the asterisk quilt. You would think we wouldn't mess up as much since we have quilted for a long time, but we still do - like the time I put the backing on upside down and had to un pin baste it and then repin baste it.

  3. Your swirls look great. Interesting direction on your asterisk. A little but of everything for everyone!

  4. Who doesn't love a swirl? Looks great and good practice too. The asteriskis really evolving into something special

  5. Love the asterisks - great layout/design. And your last statement - oh can I relate.

  6. I love the asterisks, so I hope you get them down, without anything exploding!


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