Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Presentation on Modern Quilting

Because I am the Queen of Modern Quilting, I was asked to give a presentation on Modern Quilting to the Denham Springs Quilt Guild this morning.

The night before I was to give the presentation, the dog ate my notes.

Do I need to tell you WHICH dog?  

And before you ask the question, the paperwork was on the kitchen counter, under two books.  He had to search for it!   

He does it on purpose, you know.  I had taken him to the vet for his itchy skin and they gave him a shot. 

So.......I gave a presentation about how the Modern Quilting movement got started to the Denham Springs Quilt Guild this morning at the Denham Springs Walker Library. I also talked about what elements make a Modern Quilt modern.

As I looked out at the sea of very traditional quilting lady faces I knew I had a very tough job! LOL. 
I had prepared some copies of works from Nancy Crow, Joseph Albers, Yoshiko Jinzenji and Gwen Marsten and they beginning to warm to the idea of Modern Quilting. 
Kelly Surace's Quilt
I prepared a handout for them with the elements of Modern Quilts like no borders, exaggerated scale, negative space, etc, and we went through the quilts I brought and talked about the elements of each one. 
See how skinny I am !!! 44 lbs 

Lori Steib's Quilt won Honorable Mention at GSQA Show this week
In the end, I think I may have enlightened a few and changed some minds in the process! And I learned some interesting facts about the beginnings of our Modern Quilt Movement myself!

Thanks to those who lent me their quilts,

I appreciate having the diversity of quilts to show them.


  1. You are skinny! You have worked hard! I gave a presentation on how I make improv quilts and it was to a group of traditional quilters. They looked at me like I was nuts!

  2. Didn't see the talk, but you were pushing the right buttons. You do look great, but you are entering the hardest phase of weight loss. Keeping it off without becoming frustrated with the changes. You can do it, because after the flood you proved you can do anything. Keep going!

  3. And I bet as a kid you also used the "dog ate my homework" excuse then too! HA HA HA I love your dog stories!

  4. You go girl! Opening minds and changing the world (of the Denham Springs quilt guild at least). You look like a teenager with that figure.

  5. Right there with you on people looking at you like you're slightly mad -- when I mention piecing without a pattern or using scraps to make yardage, I get those looks and more.


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