Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Day 5 Face

For Day 5 of 100 Days i wanted to create a ace that was not staring at you dead on.

And here here is.

I still need to work on proportion, but my excuse is that I have never had an art class in my life. 

Maybe I need one now?


  1. You're a better woMAN than I am! I wouldn't even attempt at drawing! Good for you! And it's not all that bad!!! What a great start!

  2. not only did I cut it ,I can't quilt for a few weeks

  3. This face reminds me of a guy that lives not far from here that Terry went to school with. That makes him 70 or so. He wears a black toupe' even though his eyebrows are brown turning grey. Did I mention that he walks around in little shorts and probably wears a speedo to the beach, YUK. But I like your face. It just reminded me of him.
    xx, Carol

  4. I hope you are numbering and dating these so you can keep track of them. I think you will be surprised at the changes you see from the first one to the 100th one. I just know my fifth one would not be half as good as yours is!


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