Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dancing With the Insurance Company

So Frank is on the phone to the insurance company trying to get a 90 day prescription.  His doctor faxed the script to them a week ago.  Some reason they didn't get it for 2 days; couldn't find it for another day; then have had a single question each day for the last 3 days.  This was the conversation today.

Express Scripts: Hello, Mr. Parks. 

 Frank: Hello.

ES: Can I call  you Franklin?

F: Please do.

ES: What can I do for you today, Franklin?

F: My doctor faxed in a script for a 90 day supply of the XYZ pills I have taken for the last 8 years.  On Monday, we confirmed you have the script.  On Tuesday, we confirmed my doctor was part of your network.  On Wednesday, we confirmed that I have been an employee of (my company) for 23 years and I do have insurance with them. 

F:  So what do you need me to confirm for you today so I can get my prescription?

ES:  Can you confirm your  date of birth and your zipcode?

F:  4-2-XXXX  70406

ES:  Did you say October 8?

It was at this point I just lost it!  This literally sounded like a comedy routine.  Maybe I should send it in to Hollywood!

PS..............They did agree to send him his 90 day supply the doctor ordered, but they told him they won't mail it out for another 6 days!  Go figure.


  1. I so heartily agree. I refer to them as "petty bureaucrats." One of them told me once that in her opinion, I didn't need the medication my doctor prescribed for me. I replied that as she wasn't a physician her opinion was irrelevant. Sigh.

  2. I hope Frank has enough pills to get him thru until the scrip arrives. You pay a lot of money for insurance, but the service is awful!

  3. Healthcare is so much better these days. We make it easier for the insurance companies and yet they get confused more and more. My hubby does all of the exchanges via e-mail so he has a record of when and what happened. If he has been taking the medicine for 8 years, he may have had an established renewal date which in my opinion they should have known the first day and told him. If he were out he could have appealed by this time.

  4. I would have lost it the second day. Frank has the patience needed to deal with them, I hope.

  5. Oh don't get me started on Express Scripts. I went through months and months including a formal appeal (times three) for knee injections a few years back. I have NEVER seen such utter incompetency (slavery to clicking the boxes on their computer screens) in my life and we've had plenty of dealings with insurance companies over the years. (they finally paid one but not the other two when all three were identical treatments 2 weeks apart).

  6. I have had that type of conversation quite a few times. There should be someone you can complain to about the service you are receiving. I tell my husband all the time that we take our excellent medical care availability and insurance plan for granted. Sometimes we talk about moving and one of the first considerations of the area we might move to is medical care availability. There is no excuse of for having to wait that long to get a prescription you need. It conjures thoughts that they hope you might die before they absolutely HAVE to ship the meds. Disgraceful.
    xx, Carol


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