Sunday, October 28, 2018

Thanks to Tracy, I am vindicated

I now have a good excuse for keeping every tiny bit of fabric.  I no longer have to throw out even the tiniest scrap because my friend showed me to way to perfect Nirvana!

Well, she showed us her technique for using scraps for art pieces like Danny Amazonas in a class through the Sassi Stripper Guild on Saturday.

Danny was one of the artists featured in the European Patchwork Festival from which we recently returned.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  He is out of Taiwan and I have seen him in several Quilt Art magazines lately.

He was pretty cute too! LOL.  But it was his work that stole my heart and brain!

I had to leave the class at the halfway point so I didn’t get to finish my piece.  I had promised Sawyer
to take him to the Corn Maze at the Burden Plantation in Baton Rouge.  It is now an agricultural research station with LSU and a living history and Rural Life Museum.  The grounds are beautifully landscaped and had various crops and trails and a collection of old wooden buildings and southern style event places.

I hope to exhibit something there this spring in the Brush With Burden Show.

Here is Danny and then there is me.  I am still working on it, mind you.

I am sure you prefer Danny, it’s OK! You can say that!


  1. I love your art piece. I can't wait to see it finished. Sawyer at the corn maze - adorable!

  2. Danny's work is spectacular, but I love your fleur de lis.

  3. Your fleur de lis looks great! Danny's work is fabulous and how great you got to have the experience of learning from him. Sawyer is getting so big!

  4. love that you are trying new thing, good for the mind


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