Monday, November 19, 2018

The Good, The Bad and the Tomato Jam

A short one, Dancing With The Stars Finale is on in a few.

I was just thinking about the friends and family we have who are struggling this year with some major things.  One family member is dealing with a loved one's illnesses and repairs to their house.

A neighbor is fighting for her life after a family member stabbed three sisters, killing one.

It makes my own problems seem small.  Really, really small.

Not that I haven't been in their shoes at one time or another. maybe not a literal stabbing, but some major stuff to be overcome.

It seems I have no time to work in my Quilt Studio.  So many commitments and people to handle, events to work out and life to deal with.  Green tomatoes to jam.

At least I had a Green Tomato Jam on Crossaint Breakfast this morning and it started out well early on.

We have a front coming through and the back fields are shrouded with fog about 8 feet high.  It looks really cool in person and not so cool in photograph, sorry.

As if knowing I needed cheering up and purpose for my life, the universe responded with mail.

When Frank went to grab the mail he came back with  the November bag from Becky's Treasures.

This one held a cool looking exotic zebra bag which contained:





I love it Becky!


  1. We all have struggles in our lives, but where you go after the struggles that is the interesting part of life. I am convinced that if you believe you will get through it you will. Lots of things may be different and you may have to make adjustments, but you can make it. I am always so impressed when someone comes out the other side and learns to smile again.. Always my goal.

  2. Maybe that is what I am going thru now at work, because it is certainly a struggle. Not to the tragedy or depth of the struggles you described, but it is my struggle. I am glad your package from Becky brightened your day!

  3. In my world we have been hit hard with family illness and near death experience. We just trudge on because as we age, we expect such things and learn to cope. Each month for 6 months of 2018 brought a friend's death. It really brings reality into focus. BUT, we look for a cheerful thought and hope the world will find a way to heal the worldly tragedies which are far worse than our personal ones.
    Happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be grateful for.
    xx, Carol

  4. What a wonderful, pleasant package!!!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and prayers/hugs for your friends.


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