Monday, November 12, 2018

Still Not Speaking to McGee

We had been invited to join Monika and Gestur for dinner on Sunday and I decided to bring a big pan of Potatoes Au Gratin made from Havarti and Sharp Cheddar cheeses.

Oh my, did it smell wonderful.  And it was beautiful, too.  And in
my favorite sized Temptations bakeware.  I've had it for YEARS!

We were 10 minutes from leaving for Monika's and it happened.  McGee had gotten up on the stove ……..

and knocked the whole thing down, crashing to the floor.

Too late to do anything else.  OMG......really dog?

He was covered with potatoes and Havarti ---

and my floor was covered with potatoes, Havarti and fractured crockery.

I  am still not speaking to him.  I wanted to eat those potatoes so badly!

He still is licking his legs because they taste like potatoes au gratin.  For the next 24 hours DiNozzo followed him around trying to lick him.  I kept urging him to try the cannibal life.

he still looks at him in a very uncomfortable way.

I  really needed that wine.

Tomorrow we have Sawyer.

He has requested we visit the park and drive around in his wagon!

Temps are expected to plummet and get to 34 tomorrow night.  We will all need coats for the park!

Here are some beautiful photos from Carrie's garden this weekend.  Look at those tomatoes.  Hope they survive the freeze this week.


  1. I am so sorry about those potatoes and your pan that got broken. Bad dog! I will tell you that on QVC they have a lot of Temptations and had some great prices on some sets. You might want to go to their website and see if you can find something similar to what got broken. Carrie's garden is beautiful! I don't know how she finds the time! Have fun with Sawyer today!

  2. I was just telling Nic some stories about a poodle I had that got into our food when given the chance. My breakfast eggs disappeared, our salads were devoured, german chocolate cupcakes baked for a work friend's birthday disappeared cupcake papers and all, and a 2# box of Fanny Mae candy Christmas Gift was devoured while waiting to be gifted. I forgave Snuffy for all of it. Gosh I loved that dog and he was devoted to me. I'm surprised he didn't die from all the chocolate he consumed, lol.
    xx, Carol

  3. McGee how could you? The tomatoes are beautiful. Hope the tomatoes survive and life continues to rock on. Good and bad both happen and hopefully the good outweighs the bad.

  4. ha ha ha!!! the last time that i made a corned beef dinner for Earth Science's Saint Patrick's Day celebration, his woman's dog ate ALL of it (cabbage dog farts - peeyoo) while he was walking me back to the car - chomped it right off of the counter ... and the woman - who watched Taos do it - was worried about how hot it was and whether or not Taos' mouth was burned - sheesh ... never again ... Cone of Shame, McGee!!!

  5. You could have eaten McGee. I bet he was delicious!


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