Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Good news and Even Better News

And I thought life would slow down!  Boy was I wrong.

Now with the holidays coming it is bound to get only more hectic.  I had planned to make a bunch of quilts and even do an Advent Tree quilt for Sawyer.  I knew I should never have put that off this summer.

My CRV is in the shop so we are working with one vehicle.  We picked up the police report today and sent it to the two insurance companies.  The other insurance cannot find the vehicle owner or the driver.  Imagine that.  There has got to be something illegal about that.   

The good news is that our photos from the Santa CAAWS event came out unbelievably gorgeous!  Even if he wasn't my flesh and blood I would still think this was the wicked cutest Santa shot ever in the entire space and time continuum.

I will show you Sawyer's and my own stinking cute dogs when it gets closer to Christmas.  But you really should spend the money on a trip down here next year to let Santa CAAWS do your dog photos, for sure!  And we could do a side trip of Swamp Tour and get some quilting in there too!

The day with Sawyer was fun.  The dogs were exhausted though!  They slept the deep sleep of those who are relieved of sentry duty for the night.  DiNozzo has to be the nursemaid dog and worries about Sawyer being safe.

We set up his tent and Sawyer played on quilts made by his grandma and great grandma.

They read books and he enjoyed a midday repast.  He is getting pretty good with that fork!

Even Better News is that while Frank was turning the sprinkler system off and preparing the faucets outside for the freeze tonight, he found my keys.

They were on the sill of the kitchen window.  Outside!  I am pretty sure I did not put them on the outside window sill.

 All this time I have been searching for my keys and they were just inches from me when I washed the dishes or cooked.  Amazing.


  1. Sawyer is a doll!!!!! Isn't it exhausting being a grandma...wonder how we raised our kids and worked in and outside of the house! HA

  2. You and Sawyer are spending a lot of time together. Hope you are enjoying it as much as he appears to be. I know that I miss those days with my grandchildren. Now that they are all grown up at 9 and 11, they would rather do some fun stuff without grandma most of the time. If they want to sew or craft I become very important!

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures. Sawyer seems like such a happy baby. I am glad your keys were found. Losing keys is a pain!

  4. I have things like those missing keys turning up in a strange place happen to me all the time. Yes, we have had a 6 year old visiting and he zaps your energy and gets the dogs going nonstop. I was thinking the other day that he needs a tent like that. I'm pretty sure it won't fit in the RV they are traveling in though.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    xx, Carol

  5. Being grandma is the best. Glad you found your keys. When I can’t find something I usually blame hubby for moving it. Lol. But you know what....don’t tell anyone ... I tthink it’s me.


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