Friday, January 11, 2019

Dogs and Quilts, Quilts and Dogs

For Christmas Carrie gave me these Grabbers to use when I did art on my sewing machine.  They work fabulously great.  I heartily recommend them if you are going to be doing some free motion work.

Here are the two finishes I have been working yesterday.  The Scarlett one is a Solar Dye with a branch from my Nandina bush.  They have sharp flat leaves and they work perfectly for stuff like this.

And the black and orange one is a bleach discharge using a Clorox bleach pen and a paper towel tube.

We walked this morning, as usual.

The Boyz like the cool weather with heavy sun we have now.  People don't ever think of this as
Louisiana weather, but it is pretty common to have these gorgeous cloudless days.  

Where's Waldo?  Can you find DiNozzo?

And this is Bath #2 for McGee this week.  Vet says he needs to be bathed with Malseb twice a week in addition to his antibiotic and new anti itch injection and a steroid injection.

Oh, and new EXPENSIVE food.


  1. Pets are so expensive, but so worth it. I love your imagination.

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  3. See that is why you went thru the horrible experience of the flood, because now you have a shower big enough for you and the dogs! See there was a reason!

  4. Hi, Love that McGee, standing so nice in the shower! I do have a question, tell me where you buy a gallery hanging system like you just got? I want to get one, the husband wouldn't let me put a nail in the wall for hanging things, but I think I could go with this. Thanks much. Keep up the good work, I really like the new piece for your living room.

  5. I've never had a vet tell me one of my animals needs cheaper food! I like your bleach print piece a lot.


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