Sunday, February 3, 2019

All My Bags Are Packed!

All my bags are packed,
I'm ready to go.

Not on a Jet Plane but tomorrow I head north to Cottonport, LA to do my Fabric Manipulation talk.

I have packed and rearranged and unpacked and rearranged a dozen times.

At first I had two suitcases full of stuff.  Then I thought I needed to narrow it down so we can get home by midnight.

I decided on the theme of Fabric Manipulation.  Even that was a suitcase and a half!  There are so many ways I have manipulated fabric!

Once again, I narrowed down some pieces.

I have most of one suitcase filled, and not even the BIG suitcase!  I am happy with the progression of thought I have laid out.

I am hoping they come out of the suitcase in some rational order!

I know there will be some groups, like fabric dyeing, that will need to be passed around maybe.  Or put on a table and looked at during the break.  I could spend a whole talk just on manipulations for the Itajiame Dyeing I did at QuiltCon.

We shall see how it goes.  They can always invite me back.....or not!  LOL

In other news...…….we are NOT watching the Superbowl for obvious reasons.  All over town are signs declaring that restaurant or bar will not be showing the Superbowl.  And many are replaying the Superbowl where the Saints won.

And in OTHER other news...…..while at the LSU Book Fair I found this odd little book.  IT contains an amazing array of African masks and designs that are copyright free.

I have had plans for an African quilt and just recently purchased a paperpieced Savannah with animals and the colors on the front of this book.  I have been collecting Dutch and African Wax prints for a while.  I have a penchant for tribal print fabrics.

Maybe it will happen this summer.


  1. I am just catching up so I hope your talk went well! That does look like an interesting book.

  2. We LOVED your presentation! People made a point of thanking me for convincing you to come. Others called or texted. And I got a few emails. You're a winner!!! I can't say thank you enough.


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