Thursday, August 2, 2012

Food Sayings Quilt

I had beautiful parsley, but this week it was eaten by this handsome guy.  Of course he is a has been now.  And I do have one tiny eggplant growing.  It's beauty is incredible in it's blackness.

I have long wanted to make a quilt with veggies on it.  As soon as I get Dan's quilt off the frame and the Paint Chip challenge done with this Thursday, I get to start something new!!  Not the kind with the fat quarter fabric that you cut into squares and just make a regular quilt.  I want to paper piece veggies and add words on the quilt.

Hence, food sayings.

I ahve collected quite a few.  See how many you can think of and maybe we can ALL make some food quilts.  If not that, maybe a food table runner?  Certainly at least a food UFO.

And I want to include some words, since after this Paint Chip Challenge I will certainly be the Queen of Words on Quilts.

Ok, here are some of you can see, I have been thinking hard on this subject and have committed it to my little book.

Cool as a cucumber
Piece of Cake
peaches and cream complexion
cake walk
carrot top
cut the mustard
easy as pie
As the cookie crumbles
apple a day
hot as a chili pepper
just peachy
egg on my face
slow as molasses
cool beans
kiss my grits
nutty as a fruitcake
in a jam
in a pickle
skinny as a string bean
red as a beat
icing on the cake
say cheese!
cake walk
cherry on top
meat head
tall drink of water

So, can you think of more?  Did I miss any cool food sayings?

I have several other ideas that I want to incorporate words into.  I have a great idea for a dog quilt.  But that will wait for another day.



  1. She's a hot tomato
    two peas in a pod
    full of beans
    skinny as a green bean
    apple of my eye
    a chicken in every pot
    humble pie
    what a wienie
    just peachy
    slow as molassas
    egg on my face
    kiss my grits
    cool beans
    She was an old Prune face
    Don't be a chicken
    she knows what side her bread is buttered on
    who cut the cheese
    the icing on the cake
    I'll make mincemeat out of you
    proof is in the pudding
    American as apple pie
    fudge on a bet
    Oh nuts
    life is a bowl of cherries
    cream of the crop
    don't cherry pick
    that's a fine kettle of fish..
    we've got champagne taste and a beer pocketbook

    I know there are tons more! What a fun quilt you will have!

  2. When pigs fly
    Don't be a wise apple (my grandmother used to say this)
    dumb as a turnip
    A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.
    These may be a stretch, but all I can think of at the moment.


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