Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanks for all the well wishes

I appreciate all the well wishes and support from my followers!  Makes me feel like there is a lot of support for what we do at CAAWS.

I spent all day getting the board information set up and calendars and lists of people who can do this or that.  I guess Frank kept it in his head, I am not that smart.  I need lists.  And a plan.  So I spent all day yesterday working on one.

I did ask everyone to refill out their volunteer forms to give them a sense or renewal.  And wouldn't you know it, I got home, put them on top of my computer. Went to the bathroom, came out to look for them.  McGee had eaten them.  Tore them to smithereens.

Sigh......he is a CAAWS dog after all.

I asked the webmaster to put the new board positions on our website.  And I am sure it caused a big stir over me being President. Like any organization, not all sections of our organization work in loving harmony with everyone else.

So.......I got my toes done to celebrate.


  1. Maybe McGee felt their renewal wasn't renewed enoughed!

  2. Maybe McGee was trying to put his stamp (paw) of approval on them?? I bet the volunteers will really enjoy that story!!


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