Thursday, December 31, 2015


I am so lucky to have a good looking husband, who loves  me, and lets me buy all the fabric I wnat.........but I digress.

He says to me, we need to spice up the bedroom.

Ohhhhh!  says I.  Yes?  Like what.

(You know we have been married for 43 years, right.......I guess we could  use some spicing.)

Well, he says.........I have a great idea.

Oh, yeah?  I respond, smiling at him.

Yeah, he quilts for the bed would really look so good, you know, it would spice things up.

I venture, you mean SPRUCE things up.

Yeah, he chukles, spruce things up.  Hah!

Sigh.......I guess I will work on  new quilts!


  1. Love your sense of humor - and the slight misunderstanding.

  2. Sounds like Frank! Love the man and he is good looking and does let you buy fabric on whim.

  3. Surely you have a few quilts already that can spruce up the bedroom?

    You know, you're the one who is supposed to spice up the bedroom, or have fun and tell him he is the one. If he's anything like Rich, he'll say he'll buy new sheets. (Which wouldn't be a bad idea.)
    Have a Happy New Year! (and a little spice, and sprucing, too)

  4. I agree with Mary about the sheets. Nothing like a high thread count set of sheets to go with the new quilts.

  5. Happy New Year! Haha...great reason to sew up new quilts...and with the blessing of your husband. Wow...does he know what he's in for...."oh honey, where's supper? "Sorry Dear but I'm following through with your idea to spruce up the bedroom"" This could be great!

  6. maybe he's thinking you'll wear a baby quilt with nothing on under it!!


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