Monday, August 30, 2010

If you are in River City -- Don't Look!

I have a new and exciting quilt on my design wall today.  It is the beginning of the culmination of the Mystery Quilt I presented to River City Guild, here in Baton Rouge, LA.  I missed a meeting because of of a problem with my mother last month and I was supposed to give out the 7th installment of the quilt.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of people are actually doing the mystery.  That is a great and wonderful thing!

The mystery is from Planet Patchwork and we did purchase the rights to present it, so we are totally legal.  The only thing is, I have found several errors that have been difficult to deal with when it gets to the masses.  People don't adjust easily. 

The center is complete but not sewn together, the dark will be the inside border and the snowballs will alternate in and out on the outer border.  I probably will bind it in the dark. 

I really like the quilt.  Of course I chose it because of the way it looked!  But I do like it.  And it has been very easy to do.   And I am doing another one as well.  Why I began two I will never know, but I will have two quilts soon enough.  The other is a light batik background that is orange and yellow and blue with an off white (to the slight orange tinge) light center.  It Will probably be on the design wall next week!

Oh, and I am babysitting the grand dog Hugeaux the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who eats through metal crates when a storm hits.  And has also eaten through the two soft crates.  And yet, had not a single problem with me during the storm yesterday.  Sigh.

glen in Louisiana


  1. Maybe Hugeaux just wants to live at Grandmom's house? Many years back, we had a Collie that used to chew up his heavy aluminum food and water dishes. So we gave him pottery dishes which he would pick up and throw over his head to watch them break. And so we went to plastic - disaster. This went on until he brought a 'newly planted' 6 foot tree in the house, roots and all (this was after bringing in all the mature rose bushes one by one). This lovely collie lived a long and happy life in the country (not our suburban yard).

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Love your post Glen. The quilt is so beautiful.

  3. Sometimes granddogs and grandchildren act better at grandma's than with parents.
    Your mystery is beautiful and makes me sad and glad that I am not a member of River City.
    I got to see the quilts at Jones Creek last week and they were wonderful! Great job with the groupings.

  4. The quilt is beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished. I really love the random stars between the snowflakes.

  5. Glen, the quilt is wonderful. I do know what you mean about people not adjusting easily....we make a fund raising quilt every other year and when the packets are distributed, I'm always on edge because if there's a problem, it will be a nightmare to communicate with everyone *sigh*

  6. Oh my, what an adorable puppy. I think, for the way they look, at least, they have to be my favourite breed. I can say that 'cause we don't have a dog. That is one of our "maybe's" for when we retire. And, oh yes, the quilt is lovely. I like the classic look of 2 colour quilts. Can't wait to see it finished

  7. Love the mystery quilt!

    My sister rescues and fosters Cavaliers. They are so funny! Your story reinforces my theory that children are only hideous to their parents.

  8. Your grand dog is such a cutie; did he snuggle with you during the storm? Sounds from the tone of your writting anyone would be safe from a storm :) I once coordinated a Mystery Project designed by Lynn Mann to my guild. It was kept as a mystery to me too clue wise, but I did see the end result in black and white to know it would be a winner. I received the clues one month before those who were participating and completed them to make sure there wouldn't be any "snags" along the construction. Fortunately there were none but that would have been the time to get anything ironed out before the others. This was only my second ever mystery quilt and I'm quite reluctant to invest so much in a project not knowing the outcome. There was one member who had four going at once--each and everyone turned out great. This year at the San Diego Quilt Show 9/15 to 9/18 many of us are showing ours as a group entry. I really like the way your blue one is going--consider adding a few of those iron on crystals here and there to give it a sparkle.

  9. Your mystery quilt is beautiful. Have to ask if my Q-guild has ever done mystery quilts - I like the idea! Happy sewing!

  10. It's very frustrating when a pattern has an error...hope it all works out okay with the guild. Show us the quilts when they have the big reveal.
    That dog looks like a cutie...I'm sure he can't possibly be the vicious character you described ;)


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