Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clean Up Your Crap Day

V at V and Co will be proud of me.  Maybe.  I got up early this morning with the full intent of making a dent in my room and clearing out some of the clutter, stacking it nicely and getting to where I can walk in and actually find stuff.  Well that was about 6:30 am. 


The overwhelming task is overwhelming.  I need to break it down into several groupings.  I do have a corner now where the "kits" I am putting together live for the time being.  A bag of dinosaurs got added to the pile because I bought a dino panel at a quilt shop sale recently and decided to make it for my nephew's kids.  Then I found the group of real dinosaurs at a neighbor's garage sale and thought they would make a perfect pairing with the quilt.  I have several Christmas projects in that pile as well. 
Here it is nearly 10:30 AM now and I am still procrastinating.  By taking pictures of my room for you to mutter about
Here is a picture of Dutch peeking around a tote bag.  And here is Grand-Dog Hugeaux sleeping on what he thinks is a cushy dog bed but is really my unfinished pile of crap box. 

The good news is that I have a lot of quilting and sewing waiting for me to plunge in.  The bad news is that I am posting to my blog rather than actually doing any work  I will do ANYTHING to get out of cleaning that room up---it is just so daunting.  I really need Carrie to come over and clean up my stuff.
Only problem with that is she tosses out more than she neatens.........
Hey, V, want to go to lunch???????

PS - I did  go to lunch with Valerie.  A V who wants to go to lunch with you rather than cleaning out your messy quilting room is better than staying in and cleaning out your quilting room, isn't it?

And I did come home and dutifully start putting things in order in the quilting room.  I put a few more "kits" in boxes in the "Kit Corner" of the room.  I moved some boxes out of the room, empty now.   And I actually moved some things off the bench in the den which is pile high with my stuff.  So I am making progress!

Yeah! V and Co!


  1. Oh Glen - I would worry about you but I think it is too late to worry so I'll just enjoy you instead. I think you should just move - it would be much easier than cleaning that room.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. wow wow WOW!!!! good job!!! it looks great!


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