Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nothing to do?

Not really, you know better than that! LOL.  Nothing quilty so I will share some other pics with you.

Laura Plantation in Vachery, LA
I have lots to do, just not enough time to do it in!  So today I DID nothing.  Well, that is not exactly true either.  I didn't get quilting or sewing done, I did a lot.

I closed down and sold my business 5 years ago.  And I get a notice today saying that my CD in the  name of my business is considered unclaimed and will go to the government.  Well........I spent 3 days on the phone working this out.

Patsy and Chuck In Costa Rica
It seems that when I closed the business down and transferred all the financial stuff into my personal name, that this one got missed.  It has auto renewed for 5 years.  So after 5 years of non-customer initiation, the law says it goes to the government.

Boom!  just like that!  I was listening to Glen Beck or Sean Hannity, one of them, the other day and he was saying that the government puts loopholes into the tax code so that if you "trip" they can "take" the money or property.  I thought at the time, what nonsense.  But this is a perfect example of that in action.

Patsy in Belize
Now I am working on getting it declared mine again.  It is not like they can't find me, either.  I banked for about 30 years with this same group, and they have multiple other instruments and several accounts with my name all over them.  So I know they did not try too hard to "find" me.

So, my advice to you.  During this tax season, go over all the stuff you think you have and make sure you really have it.  And consider not letting your instruments auto-renew.  Take an active role in your money.

The government will get it fast enough.


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