Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Special Treat For Me, or How I Make My Money

I bet you are wondering how I make my money these days.  I used to have a high power job in HR for a major hospital here.  I controlled the hiring of everyone except the doctors themselves.   Then I worked on my own as a headhunter for specialized engineering positions across the US as Job Force One.

I loved it and made tons and tons of money by working very little!

But now I don't have either one of those jobs, but I have a job I love..........cutting up fabric and sewing ti back together again in my own little room.  And sometimes with friends.  I'll bet you wonder how I am making money now to keep myself in fabrics and fun stuff like patterns and rulers and organizational supplies....(believe that?)

Here is my secret.  I collect the money from the washer and dryer and put it into a large container atop the dryer.  About every month, when it gets full, I count it out and use it to buy something special that we normally would not get.  Something decadent and special.  Because this is my money I get to spend it entirely on me!  (Or a favorite dog perhaps.)

When Carrie was home I collected more, but I still do OK now.  Frank usually uses dollars and pockets the change.  He rarely digs change out of his pocket.

So I counted up the container in the laundry room today.  It was pretty full.  There was even a freshly laundered dollar bill in there!

Check back tomorrow and see how much I made and what great and exciting thing I will do with the money!

Dreaming....... yards of the fabric from Riley Blake, a new car, the cruise through the Panama Canal we are looking at for next year..........oh, how fantastic.  Or, I can save it for my second million!

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  1. Does Frank really leave that much money in his pockets that you have a container full? You ought to post a picture of the container with all you have collected. I can't wait to hear how much you have and what you are going to do with it.


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