Monday, August 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday 8-27-12

Progress on the Paperweights has been good and steady.  Are you tired of me talking about it yet?  Here is what it looks like now.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

It looks like Hurricane Isaac is heading straight for us, due to hit on Wednesday at 7 am..  It was 20 years ago that Andrew hit us killing 8 people and toppling trees and power lines all ove Baton Rough.  We lost the two trees in the fron of our house.

And 7 Years ago this week, Katrina hit east of New Orleans.  We just hat minor tree damage here, but the hurricane that followed, Rita, hit Baton Rouge way harder and 2 people lost their lives whe trees fell on their homes, one in our neighbiorhood.  We were out of electricity for  two weeks.  

I finished Dan's BQ Quilt and put the binding on but didn't sew it down yet.  Handwork for the night in front of the TV.

I need to put the binding on The Dogs and sew it down by hand during TV time.

 I also have joined two of the blog hops.  One is Leafs Me Happy because I love leaves in quilts and the other is,  of course, Wicked!  That one is Halloween, how could I pass that up when I know that Charlene will DEFINITELY be there too!

Click on the buttons on the side to see how each works and I will be helping you with info as we go along.  If I don't forget!  LOL.

Several people have asked about the name Paperweights.  I think the designer, Pam Dinndorf, must have thought it looked like those glass paperweights.  I think she is right!

I am heading to a retreat for the weekend, four days this time.  So I should have some nice stuff done again and some yardage used for next week.  Or maybe the week after!



  1. I'm doing Wicked too ... should be a fun one! Stay safe from's packing some wind and rain. I think they're saying we're supposed to get quite a bit of rain from it, but the eye of the storm is landing over Gulfport, MS. Stinking hurricanes! Your paperweight blocks look fabulous -- what a fun project! :)

  2. This is coming well - I still love it too - prayers for you with the weather!

  3. Please be safe with the weather. I'll keep y'all in my prayers and hope that it's not too bad. :)
    I love your paperweight quilt, it's going to be stunning.

  4. Oh, I love your paperweights. Mine just needs binding and is at the bottom of the pile. I loved making it and strongly considered gray kites as you have done. I ended up using black tone-on-tone so it's a bit dark. I'm still not over the waste of fabric and have all my scraps in a BIG tote to make a very scrappy octagon quilt (won't have the depth of the paperweight) one of these days! Good luck. I put mine together in rows rather than units so I could avoid those blasted set in seams!


  5. Two weeks without a sewing machine! How did you stand it? I'll be thinking of you when the storm hits, hoping you are safe.

    Check out sew cal gals blog today, she has a really good FMQ tutorial / challenge from Susan brubakers knapp that is very interesting and right up my alley.

  6. I love your paperweights!! Keep picking away at it, it is beautiful.


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