Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rain Must Fall - Some Great Photos

LA State Capitol,
the House that Huey Built
View of Baton Rouge from Port Allen
Birds ate all weekend
I had keyboard problems this weekend and just returned from purchasing a new one.  I like the split keyboard and this one is a bit different from the one that just died.  So there is a definite learning curve.  I get the impression the keys are a tiny bit further apart.  A tiny bit that makes a huge difference!

See his heavy pollen thighs?
I got called to service to help with a situation on the 4th and Frank spent the night with 2 scared
dogs and 2 normal dogs.  At one point the two scared dogs bumped into each other and a free for all erupted.  No one was hurt, and they were fine once the fireworks stopped.  They are illegal here, but that does not stop the idiots.

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Then Sat, I cleaned and cooked dinner for a group of friends after we headed across the river to  Brian's
.  Then on Sunday we went with some other friends to Middendorf's for thin fried catfish and the best cole slaw ever.
It poured and poured and poured.  I got soaking wet because

Frank did not bring his rain jacket inside and used mine to run to the car.  I had to run sans jacket and got soaked.

Needless to say, I did not get any sewing or cleaning of the quilt room done at all.

This is a great view of the rain coming over the top of Lake Pontchartrain in Manchac.  This is
where I got so wet!

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