Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Quilt Show Photos

But first, I have to tell you!  I was driving down a street heading to my house yesterday.  It is a rural street leading to the back of my very much citified subdivision.  And what did I see.....trotting down the middle of the street?  A coyote!  Of course I didn't have a camera anywhere nearby and he was in and out of the street in a flash.

Definitely a coyote.  They are having troubles in some subdivisions with missing cats and small dogs.  In fact, Sunday's paper contained photos of the coyotes across town.  We have our own here, I guess.

My dogs have always communed with something in the far parts of my yard.  I always thought it was the peacock the man in the woods keeps.  It is pretty much forest in the far back extending for several miles out, but my fence is study and at 6 feet.  My Bassets visit back there as did my Swissys before them.  None of my dogs ever barked at whatever they talk to.  Once Frank told me he thought it was a small bear.  But there is no way it could be a bear.

A coyote makes perfect sense.

And last night I did meet with a group of people hoping to start another guild.  This would be a specialized guild catering to a specific genre.  I have given approval to consider me as an officer.  I have a set of ideas and would like to give it a go.  We had 15 people in attendance.

OK.  Here are the promised photos.  There are two more sets of photos to show you.






  1. Years ago I was driving down the road about a 1/4 mile from my home and there in the middle of the road was a coyote. I had to stop the car as it didn't budge, and we had a bit of a stare down before it finally ran back into the hills. First time I had ever seen one, and I haven't seen one since... but I know they are around!

  2. I haven't seen any coyote, but with so many deer it is likely some are around. Saturday I was coming back from the store and in the middle of the road - a 4 land state route! - were two large animals I thought maybe it was a couple of deer. As I slowly approached it was two great Danes! A brown one and a black one. They must have gotten out and were wondering the neighborhood.


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