Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Raining - I think it rained back then too

Disclaimer :  I know there are certain problems with that HUGE picture.  When I can use franks laptop I can get it corrected.  My iPad doesn't seem to want to let me correct it.  So, please just adjust for the time being!

I won't be quilting for the next few days, but I hope to be enjoying myself in other ways.  I will try to figure out how to get a picture from the iPad to the blog.

We were married 41 years ago in a small ceremony.  I had Diane as my only Bridesmaid and my mother made both our dresses.  Diane's mother had passed the year before when we were juniors in
 high school.  Diane and Ralphie got married the next year.

Frank and I were married in the Hilton hotel in Kenner, LA.  If you have ever flown into the New Orleans airport you probably have flown over where it used to be.  The hotel sat at the end of the runway.  One day a plane aborted takeoff and ran smack dab nto the Hilton hotel.

After we left the ceremony, we drove on the car he borrowed from his mother to the Mississippi Gulf coast.  We had no money so we stayed for one night and drove home the next day.

He was going to school at LSU and working as a night auditor at the Howard Johnson's on College drive in Baton Rouge.  His boss had given him the night off to get married.  That night, the HoJo was robbed and the night manager fatally shot thought the glass check in window.

That was the first time I saved his life.
So far it has just rained the whole time we have been here today.  And the slots are certainly not loose on the coast!
And obviously there are none of my photos showing.

We have tickets to see an aerial type circus act tonight.  And if the rain ever stops we will go jet skiing!  Hopefully tomorrow.  I can see why people choose Vegas over the Mississippi Coast.  It holds no candle to the grandeur of the places out west!

There is a couple of quilt shops in the area, so I will see if I can find one tour row and maybe send you a picture.


  1. Enjoy! You two are perfect soulmates and very lucky. Get blogsy app - it's what I use to blog with and I only use my iPad. It's free and great.


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