Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Drive-By Vacation

Well, I am home from our Anniversary Trip and no one broke into the house while we were gone.  Carrie came to check on the cat and couldn't get the alarm to reset.  That girl would lose her head if it weren't attached!  She had the door open while she was trying to set the alarm!  Geez, she has a house
with an alarm, you would think things would
translate, but I guess not.

While I somewhat enjoyed the time, I won't push for another trip to the

"beach".  Biloxi is nice, but even though it is the Gulf, the water is always brown as opposed to the clear blue green a bit further down in Alabama or Florida.

 Here is the new travel companion, the Basset.  He replaces the Swissy who traveled with us for the years we were on vacations and missed the dogs.  The Swissy was famous within the GSMD groups for his travel photos I took along the way through so many years.  The new Basset traveled with us for the first time.  And it was sad, I missed the Swissy.

I assume the sand was nice, he wouldn't let me walk in it.  He didn't want sand in the new car.


He only wanted to walk out on those piers, but most were locked up or destroyed in the hurricane. We finally found one and walked out to catch the sunset.  He was all antsy about leaving and not being there in the dark.  You could tell there were unsavory characters around.  NOT!

There were very few people there along the entire stretch from Pass Christian to Ocean Springs.  And we added no footprints either.

We lost a few bucks in each of the casinos, which is strange.  He hates to gamble.  I would have preferred the sand in the car over the gamblingl; neither of us are real gambling fans.  I did enjoy being at the Hard Rock Casino where I was jamming to the live band and he kept saying that if he stayed his eardrums would get he leaves me there at the slot machines!

We did catch a nice circus type show of aerial performers doing high wire walks, spinning wheels, trapeze acts, balancing and jumping and a really show stopper, butterflies doing high wire trapeze act far above the audience.  Way cool.

Come back on Saturday and see what I bought at the really cool quilt shop!

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  1. Happy Anniversary. I went to Biloxi 30 years ago -- first and only time. Empty beaches and only a couple of hotels. Serene and beautiful. Then is changed as things often do.


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