Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nude, Vain and in Pain

Too bad you can't see my self portrait.  It was cannibalized from an earlier nudes construction and then "tweaked" a bit.  I can't really go round in nudie wear, now can I?

And the hair needed to be red.  The dog is the same, DiNozzo really isn't vain enough to need a change of appearance daily.

On another note, my sciatica is killing me.  Sitting for three days at the retreat did me in.  Even though I walked about a mile a day in the woods, I still am all stoved up and hurting.  Today I even have a nice headache.

Do you feel sorry for me yet?  Nude, vain and in pain?  Don't you want to come take me to a quilt shop or something?  Lunch even?  If you really loved me.........


  1. Do you do excersises for the sciatica? It helps me sometimes, I get it now and then but not as bad as it sounds like you have it. I do feel sorry for you though, the pain is terrible when it comes.

    Where are your pictures? Did you try blogsy? Do I need to drive down to Louisianna and kick your nude butt so you will at least try it? lol!

    (I'll bring a nice Cabot cheddar to go with your whine)

  2. Love you Glen and I'd be glad to take you for some "retail therapy".

  3. Wish you lived closer! We have lots of new fabrics and you would fit into our group of "Winey Quilters" that meet after 5:30pm at the shop. They console themselves with whining, wine, and sewing! We provide the ears, glasses, space, and fabric. If I lived closer, I would take you to a shop to ease both our backs and a walk to boot.


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