Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rusty things

A few weeks ago, on one of the wonderful blogs I follow, there was a discussion of working with metal. One of the participants spoke of rust dyeing. I got a hankering to do me some rusty work!

Frank brought me some rusty bolts and washers from his machine shop in Belle Chasse. Bless his heart, he thinks small though. He brought me about 9 pieces, all smaller than my thumb!

But I put them through a first dye today. And the result is not all that bad!

I AM working on blogsy, really I am. When they say go to the settings, I can't figure out if they mean my blog's settings or the blogsy site's settings. Augh!

Anyway.......I am currently drying my first rusting. Frank is watching LSU's game. And McGee is eating the roll of toilet paper. He is mad because I put the lid down and won't let him drink. Not that he doesn't have like 6 other bowls around the house with nice fresh CLEAN water........

And Andrew will order my computer tomorrow, so it won't be much longer. I am feeling better today with my sciatic stuff. We walked in the Antique Diatrict and ate lunch where Rebecca and I ate last time. Frank bought two pieces, a capo di monte flower and a fish.

We need more of that like we So I didn't say nothin' ..............



  1. You posted pics! And a new header pic too....

  2. I like your new header pic - scrappy batiks? what's not to love
    Congratulations on learning blogsy - they mean the blogsy settings - check out the video helps if you need but you are probablly like me and just try try, bitch, moan until it works but then forget how you did it. Posting is better on a regular computer but since I don't have one at home, I like to lay on the couch and surf etc with my ipad so blogsy works good enough for my few once a week or so posts.You will be happy to have it for retreats and couch time blogging :-)

  3. Are you feeling better? I have had sciatica and man does that make you miserable! Your new head is great although I do miss seeing the dog with the flying ears! I haven't tried rusting yet - no time, but I like seeing what you are doing. Take care!


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