Tuesday, June 24, 2014

QuiltCon Workkshops and Lectures

I got some good things,, even if it wasn't what I really wanted.  Some of these are lectures and there are two workshops.

Thursday - Creative exercises to inspire your design process with Alexia Abegg
Thursday night - Use of negative space in modern quilt design with Allissa Haight Carlton
Fri - Creating patterns with cloth and dye -shibori with kim Eichler Messmer
Sat Compositional Drawing with Krista Withers
Sunday - the modern guild general session
Sunday afternoon - Backfills for blocks with Lisa Sipes

I am going to try to get into the Gees Bend Lecture as well since there was not a chance in hell I was going to get into the workshop.  In fact I couldn't get any of the Improvisational workshops even though I had at least one in my basket twice.

I will get a chance to meet some of the people I blog with and know on line.  And I am traveling with a friend from Ohio, Patty the Quilt Lady.  A number of people from my home guild are going as well.  A few of them actually have pieces in the show.  So that will be exciting.


  1. We will all have to share what we learned. I was able to get into one of the Gee's Bend improv workshops. Those workshops you signed up for sound interesting! I will be picking your brain!

  2. I will be in class with you on Friday.


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