Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I spent the better part of this morning registering for QuiltCon.  It was not easy, it kept flipping my browser back, most likely due to the volume of people on the site.  It opened this morning.

I got nothing that I wanted but I am pretty happy with what I did get.  It makes me feel secure I the thought that I, like everyone else in the Modern Quilting world want to tKe the Gees Bend improvisational piecing course.

And few of us get to.  I settled for the hour lecture.

All this stuff is expensive.  I need to create something and teach it at QuiltCon 2015!  Would you take my course?

I will share more when I get home and get the confirmation

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  1. Any idea why MQG is doing the registration so far in advance of the QuiltCon event? I can't think of another quilting event that has this much lead time ... it makes me wonder if they're having cash flow issues? As for the Gees Bend course ... based on what I've seen, it is one of a handful of courses that are offering real value (or something new). I'm not surprised that there's stiff competition online for getting into one of those precious few that are likely on everyone's list.


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