Monday, July 7, 2014

Two Reveals For Your Viewing Pleasure

My Modern Quilt Guild appropriately named Not Your Momma's Modern Quilt Guild, met tonight for a reveal of the Modern Robin quilts.

There were 9 participants and 9 showed back up, a good solid 100% means no one reneged on their obligation.  And everyone loved each one more and more as they were revealed.

I didn't take photos of all of them but they will be posed at some point so I will get the site and let you see them when Kelly puts them all up.

Meanwhile you can see mine.

And my Michael Miller Challenge, which I thought was a secret and is not a secret for some reason. 

here is my Modern Robin which was worked on by Joni, Jo (her momma) Janet and Renee.  All enhanced my center block beyond any of my wildest thoughts!  It turned out to be amazing!

If you look closely you can see my original block with the feet.  this is so fabulous.

Look at the flowers!

And the shoes!

Amazing, just amazing! I totally loves it.

Here are two others I worked on ( and love equally!)

I think I will post Michael Miller in the next post.

I have to fill my day tomorrow with something other than thoughts of my untimely death on the surgical table and Dr. Gorgeous weeping uncontrollably over my body....yelling "but she had such gorgeous knees!"

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  1. The quilts all turned out great! Dr. Gorgeous will take good care of you!


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