Thursday, September 4, 2014


I stopped off at the Purple Cow and got two pairs of green 100% gorgeous linen pants.  So I immediately thought that I needed some canvas drop cloths to add to those pants.  I also scored a pillowcase with some fancy old time girls that are begging to be tossed into my string heart box. And a linen jacket that looks like an art quilt already!

After Physical Therapy yesterday, mostly to get some human contact, but also to check out the drop  cloths.  Frank has been out of town all week at some training and it has just been me and the dogs.  I had asked Carrie if we could go to lunch during the week but she didn't even call me. 

While at Lowe's I ran into a friend and we talked about knees, dogs and quilting.  I  really enjoyed seeing her.  We run into each other every once in a while.

Why did I buy paint drop I am not painting!  I am making something with it and the linen pants.  Just you wait and see what I come up with!

Hey, this would be a great Challenge!  Quick, go get yourself a drop cloth!

Andrea told me that she used these drop cloths  to make curtains and seat covers for dining room chairs and other exciting things I had never even thought of!  They must be wonderful things, indeed!

If McGee cooperates, I will start on my project today.



  1. You have me curious! Linen pants and a drop cloth - interesting combination!

  2. I have an amazing HUGE piece of drop cloth my daughter painted in 2004. It was a rug in one of her apartments once upon a time. Now it's in my basement. We just "uncovered" it while cleaning last weekend. :o) Can't wait to see how you use your drop cloth.


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