Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oh! What a Weekend - Good Vibrations and Blood

I am so glad everyone loved my story about my grandfather.  As I told many of you, I miss my grandparents a lot.  Ganny died when I was in 4th grade and Papa lived until 1986.  He was able to  meet Carrie once when she  was a wee baby.  He had Alzheimers by then and was living  in Houston with the mistress he had all through my mother's childhood.  After he heard she was born, he told Ann  he was going to the grocery and drove all the way to New Orleans to see her.

Frank volunteered to drive him back to Houston.  Frank drove, put gas in the car and paid for meals.  And bought a plane ticket to fly home.  When they got home my grandfather called my mother and told her about the ungrateful hitchhiker he had picked up who didn't even offer to pay for gas!

Frank said that his reward was a clear cloudless night sky at 30,000 feet.  He still talks about the night he had such a spectacular view of the stars.

This weekend and closer to the ground, Frank was on a mission to make me build myself up through the miracle of walking!  We walked several bedding stores AND the mall.  the  bedding stores were to test out mattresses and the mall was to buy new sheets for the new mattresses.

We ended  up spending Carrie's inheritance on a Temper-pedic memory foam gel with a frame that raises and lowers both feet and head.  AND it  vibrates!  I thought that  was only in sleazy hotels!!!  When the salesman turned on the vibrations I was in love!  (With the mattress, not the sales guy!  That would have been the sleazy hotel part!!  LOL)

It comes in two weeks.  Just enough time to let me order some sheets.  The bed is a split king so the sheets need to be Twin XL.  Which are all sold out of every store in town because it is what the dorm room beds are!!!  Who knew this was a bad weekend to buy a Split King Bed????

While at the mattress store, Frank innocently sits on a futon and slices his finger open.  H was nearly spurting blood in seconds.  It caused uite a stir, as  you can imagne.

When you go shoppng with us, you never know what will happen

So, does anyone want a Select Comfort Queen bed that works perfectly?


  1. I could have sold you mom and dads and the sheets too!

  2. Congratulations on your new mattress! Those are pricey, but nothing is worse than a bad night's sleep! Did Frank's finger need stitches? The store should not sell those dangerous futons and give you a discount for Frank's pain, suffering, and bleeding!

  3. We adore our Temperpedic (not split, just regular) ... and yes, the store should take care of Frank's finger!!!


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