Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Designing A Block No One Has Ever Seen Before

Designing a block no one has ever seen before is easy as pie!

I knew what I wanted to do but needed some information inspiration.  Pinterest!!!!!!  My new best friend.

And Craft Paper!  From a friend. (Thanks Tracy!)

And Help From a Friend........Frank! I just needed him to hold the dog leash while I drew lines and to say "Oh, you are SOOOOOO smart and beautiful AND talented!" 

Hey, wait, dog leash???  you ask, incredulously.  Yes, a dog leash.  You will see how perfect it was.

I have been looking at Pinterest at pictures of oil derricks for the last few days.  They are pretty much alike but from different angles.  I narrowed down an idea in my mind:  full frontal view, minimal lines and maximum height.  I needed to be about 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall and not too wide because I wanted them to be tall and thin, in an exaggerated way. 

And Industrial.  Very industrial looking.  I have big plans for this baby. the first one will be my test block. 

I wanted it in black and white.  Like I said, very industrial looking.

Measuring my paper, I decided on about 36 inches overall height.  I sketched out a basic plan.  It will by default, be a bit larger, but I am counting on that.  I sectioned off the scaffolding sections getting smaller as it went up, but in a natural looking way.  When I had what I thought would look good, I measured it off on the paper.

I needed a slight angle for the sides.  The only thing I could find that was long enough was a dog leash.  So I asked him to hold one side, while I pulled the other side straight and drew a long line exactly where I wanted it to be at the exact angle I needed.  That way I could see what angle I needed on each side.  He wanted to go outside and get all these tools and angles, but a do leash worked perfectly well.

Then I had to decide on a pattern for each segment of the rig scaffolding.  And tomorrow I will test it to make sure my thoughts are accurate in the way it will work.  I am pretty sure I am correct in what it will do when I add the strips.  And I also realized that I need to add the strips in a particular order to get the look I want.  That did occur to me at some point. 

 As you can see, I am not afraid to work outside the box.  This will be way cool, and I won't even say IF it works, because I am SURE it will work!  LOL. 

Yes, we shall see tomorrow.  Yes, we shall see..........


  1. Hey Glen - you know I'm all about using pinterest for inspiration - its the motherload of ideas!! Can't wait to see where this is going!

  2. Love Frank's desire to go and get his tools when a simple leash worked just fine. THAT kind of thing happens here ALL the time. (but sometimes the tools really do work better - I just hate to admit it)

  3. Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Since I am taking vacation tomorrow I will have to wait until Monday to see your finished block, but I am sure it will come out as planned.


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