Sunday, March 22, 2015

Baby Shower Where There Was NO Quilt And a Stash Report

Don't worry, her mom is an amazing quilter!  Instead I gave the baby a bit of safety.

My friend Paula is the grandma   
Did you know that children do not recognize a smoke alarm, and most don't wake when one sounds?  The Safety Council recommends that for children you use one that talks.

So I got that for them.

 My quilting friend Paula is the Grandma there  She and Kim look like mother and daughter. 

Momma and Dad

Eric is the dad.  He was not the least bit uncomfortable opening presents in  the midst of a a group of women.

For my Stash, it was a week where I mostly worked in the quilt room cleaning and clearing.  I got a hall closet cleared out so I can use that for some pre-made kits I have put together for future work.  I did make two 16.5 inch blocks for the Christmas Quilt the Bonnie hunter Club gives to the church to auction.  And three 12.5 inch blocks for the kid's quilt for the same deal.  And the bi di g of the second Skateboard quilt, Skateboard 3. 

Used this week -1 Used this month -18.83 Used this year -51.5
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 0 Bought this year 28
Plus or minus -1 Plus or minus -18.83 Plus or minus -23.5

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