Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ecobundle 2 - Organic

Here are the links to the other posts.  Next time I need to label the bundles.  I kept getting these confused.   Oh, and I am going to link to Nina Marie's Off The Wall Friday.  Go see what others are doing over at her place.

Original post

EcoBundle Oranges

Unwrapped 1 and 2 

Reveal Bundle 1

Also silk.   long piece rather than fat quarter shaped.

 Close up of the middle section
 Not sure what we are seeing, but this one might have had some mold.  Most likely toxic black mold!
 I cut the holes in it before I wrapped them to see what it would do.

I might need to fray them some more.
 this is the other side of the second photo

Here is the other end.  Spots.  Hmmm.

Here is the middle section.  Browns must be from the acorns and bark.

Here is the entire piece .  WOF.

That is Width Of Fabric for the un-initiated.


  1. These are interesting! I'm not sure what your plans are so I'll be watching to see what you create. Whatever they become will certainly be unique. I love the "hummm" of the spots....appears we're not sure, exactly, the cause of spots. lol
    I've been wondering about the scent....earthy? wormy? woody? funky?

  2. is it the shroud of the Lady of the Lake ???? LOL.

  3. Glad to see you linking up at Nina's with your awesome surface design project. The shroud if Baton Rouge , yes I like it


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