Monday, March 23, 2015

Spicy Mexican in an Art Gallery

It got cold again.  Cold and deary looking outside.  The dogs have been in and out, they want to be outside looking at all the stuff happening, but they get cold ears.  So they come in and warm up by running like idiots so I put them out again.  Vicious circle.

Last night I made the executive decision to go to the Velvet Cactus for dinner.  we rounded up some friends and got there early (on Friday there was an hour wait so we went elsewhere).  the food was excellent!  The surroundings were exotic and fun; they have sort of an art gallery on the walls.  It was loud and busy and frenetic. 

The food was heavily spicy with a different slant filled with shrimp and jalapeno cream.  Even the sangria was spicy hot.

The table was literally FILLED with food as we were hungry to try so many things.  Our waitperson was wonderful and even had some art on the wall. So we talked art quilts!  She had no idea a quilt could be art.  She was hung up on the quilts her grandmother inherited from her grandmother.

Oh, girl, there is a WHOLE NEW world out there!


  1. Art and Mexican Food! Can't go wrong with that pairing.

  2. One person at a time -- educating the world.


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