Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tripping Through Life Hurts

So we hooked up the dogs last nghht after Castle was over, and headed out for our 3/4 mile walk.  Chloe decided she wanted to walk opposite our usual way, so the Boyz and I crossed the street.  Not everything in Louisiana is flat.   In front of Dale's house, the street is uneven.

Yes, you guessed it.  I tripped. 

Frank says he looked over at me and there I was...... laying flat out in the middle of the street.  The dogs were quite fascinated that I was all of a sudden there on the ground with them.  I was able to turn and not fall on my surgery knee.  So I have a brush burn on my left knee, my left hip is sore, my right lower back hurts. 

But the worst of it is my right wrist.   I don't think it is broken, but it hurts in various places.  I will make a decision later today or tomorrow if i need to get it x-rayed. 

I get angry with myself because I have so much to do with these Colorado boys Quilts.  I have one more to quilt and 1 1/2 sides on a skateboard quilt to finish binding. Everything else is done.  Thank goodness.

So today I am gong to work on clearing out another corner of the quilt room.  And maybe I will go out for lunch.  Making a sandwich might hurt.

Look what I found yesterday. This was a stack and whack I did one time with my mother.  she was into the throes of Alzheimers but she could still sew a straight line.  So I would cut and set out and she would sew.  After she went into the nursing home.  It got put away under some stuff, under some other stuff.  You know. 

 And I had tossed out these scraps.  But I dug them out and made a strip.  And added sides.  And now it is a baby quilt.  Just like that.  Modern is wonderful sometimes.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you fell! I will be crossing my fingers that you did not break your wrist. The stack and whack blocks are wonderful and the strip baby quilt looks like an opportunity to use what you learned in your class!

  2. Sorry you got hurt. Hope it turns out to be minor.

  3. Take care of yourself - what a find while you were cleaning out!

  4. What happened to us? Used I be a fall would be an ouch ( or a swear word or two ) then right back up and at em. Now I can be walking down stairs and my knee will suddenly hurt or I wake up and my back hurts. I get up from a chair and make that uuuugh sound :-/ why can't we be like Suzane Summers and be on dancing with the stars all limber and happy with a dancing hunk?

    I will now go find some cheese to sprinkle on my whine :-)

    Feel better!

  5. Ouch! I'm sorry you took a header. Hope you heal fast!


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