Friday, March 4, 2016

Look how skinny I am........

I am linking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.  One of my pledges this year is to participate in that great site more. 

This was at the Modern Guild Meeting Show and Tell.  Look how skinny I look here.  I need to buy me a black door and just carry it around with me!

I  bought me a thimble.  I did extensive research to find what I should buy.   I know all the rage is the Roxanne thimbles.  This one was $6.50 and I got to have lunch with a good friend and visit with a few people at Daisy's Quilt Cottage.

Or Cottage Quilts.  I think.  Which ever it is, I got a new thimble.

And I wanted to show you one of the Corner Quilts that I actually like.  I love it.  Sometimes Corner Quilts Rule!!

Can you see the elephants in the backing?  I love me some elephants!!!

I plan on quilting a different background in each leaf block.  When I took it to the Quilt Haus I had sticky tabs on most of the blocks with the choice of background.  Now I  have to redo the tabs!

This quilt is the culmination of a project I did with a group of about 10 or 12 peopl  e from across the world.   We  would teach something, and everyone would use that technique and send you a block.  I taught  them how to do a curved seam.  If  you look closely, not everyone played along and did curved seams.  In fact, those people whined alot and did applique.

Regardless, I just love the quilt.  It is totally me!


  1. I think both quilts are adorable. They are so YOU!

  2. WI really like that top one with the half circles. When you quilt it will you quilt densely all over in the white parts leaving the animals to pop? You should make this into a pattern to sell. You would be rich and famous :-)

  3. where'd you go?? Oh, you are soooooskinny.
    I like the corner quilt too, and love elephants. The females get a best friend for life.


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