Thursday, March 3, 2016

Th Stained Glass Work

I set up the Stained Glass Quilt on the Avante frame today.  I cleaned out the tracks and wheels and dusted off the table and legs and headed to the store to make some groceries, as they say in South Louisiana.

I had decided on a variation of the Greek Key pattern.  I tested it out using my dry erase markers and really liked the effect it made by overlapping the actual squares of the stained glass work.

The net step was to choose the thread.  I unraveled three colors and decided on the brown.   But since the backing is black I needed a black bobbin.  I created 5 bobbins, knowing I would need at least one more before it was over.  Actually I needed 2 more.

I really like the way it is turning out.  I have just one more swath to finish it up, but I will do that tomorrow.

I have a debate to watch!


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