Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quilt Haus Accomplishments - The Devil's Lense

Basset Bath!  Yesterday the bassets all got carted off to the vet where they spent the day at the Doggy Spa.  They were treated to a nice bath, some fancy soaping and a deep pedicure.  They came home smelling so nice and NOTHING!  LOL

Whereupon they immediately went out and rolled in something, en masse.

I had a chance to go to the Quilt Haus again and work on some "getting stuff done" stuff.

I got some small, but important, things done.


1.   the backing of Reflections is now sewn and ready to be put on the frame.

2.  four sets of four strip sets (now that is confusing) were created to finish the blocks for Devil's Lense.

3.  1 1/2 inch strips were cut from black and white to see if it might fill in the spots in the Read Between the Lines Quilt (RBTL)

I actually can get some more work done on the RBTL Quilt, maybe, this afternoon.

Do you remember what The Devil's Lense looks like?  It has been quilt a while since I have worked on it. 

I started it in 2012 and worked on it at a retreat in 2013.

Here I was trying out sashing strips.  Ultimately I decided on the black.  So I now have 8 squares consisting of 4 red strip triangles sashed in a 1 1/2 inch black. 

Today I got the strip sets made for the remaining 4 blocks.  I am paper pieceing it on to the square.

After that I will sash them all with a black strip and attach a black inner border to the top.  I  have enough black to run an outer border, or maybe I need to dive into my stash and find a compatible red.  Or maybe just a white.

We shall see.  But at least I have another step done! 

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  1. aaaiiiiiya we want them to smell clean for at least 24 hrs. Is that too much to ask??


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